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Servicing, Calibration & Repairs

Has your Technics turntables seen better days? Maybe you have caught onto the vinyl revival and want to get your decks working like they were new. Or maybe you just want parts to carry out your own servicing. 


You have come to the right place. With over 25 years experience working as both an electrical and electronic engineer, rest assured that your turntables will be well looked after. Book your turntables in for a service, and enjoy being part of an ongoing culture which is making its way back into the music scene in a big way.

Because original Technics turntables are an iconic item, they are now very sought after and ever increasing in value. By having them professionally serviced by a qualified engineer you will increase their value even more. A receipt is issued stating the serial numbers for you to keep. 


Trashed - I mean really trashed? perhaps an ex-girlfriend has thrown your Technics down the stairs snapping the tonearms, or they have been in a fire. Perhaps they have seen many parties outdoors, even got dropped in a river.... Dont worry, these are just some of the real scenarios I have dealt with, and have been able to repair turntables to working like-new condition.


With a direct dealership through Panasonic, I carry a large stock of parts for all 1200 and 1210 models. I can even obtain parts which may not be available anywhere online, such as the better SFDZ122N11-2 pitch faders for the mk2, which are much more DJ friendly than the commonly available SFDZ122N11-1 (hi-fi) pitches which can cause speed conflict when beatmatching. More info about these on the Tech Info page. I always fit the better types when carrying out a service unless asked otherwise (eg if the deck is for hifi listening use you may prefer the SFDZ122N11-1). 


Servicing includes full electrical and mechanical checks which goes beyond that of the normal service manual. Full calibration carried out with oscilloscope.


Price for servicing (including most small repairs) is £55 per turntable plus parts. Standard service parts are priced at £70.00 per turntable which includes replacement pitch, both felts & genuine audio cables. This makes the current total £125.00 per turntable, and where small repairs are carried out the only addition would be parts cost. 

Part of the servicing includes a load test under FLIR thermal imaging, which gives a great in-depth analysis of how main components are performing, showing up any defects which would otherwise affect performance. 


In this instance, the main regulator is within the 62°C operating limit. Click on the photo to see more detail 

Whats involved:

Servicing includes (but is not limited to):

  1. Pre check & diagnosis of faults
  2. Strip down and removal of chassis parts
  3. Servicing tonearm adjustment assembly
  4. Replace faulty tonearm parts where needed
  5. Replace audio cables & ground lead
  6. Replace pitch and calibrate slider resistance.
  7. Fit new pitch underfelt
  8. Check target lamp mechanical operation
  9. Check condition of operation base (33/45/power)
  10. Scope test and calibration on pitch clock zero point
  11. Function & load test of main IC's under thermal imaging
  12. Replace faulty PCB components where needed
  13. Check and lubricate centre shaft
  14. Speed stability & torque test
  15. Calibrate brake adjust
  16. Calibrate tonearm pivot bearings & lubricate
  17. Replace pitch slide felt
  18. Reassemble & clean turntable
  19. Fit new lid if required (optional extra)
  20. Carry out full operation test.

Optional Extras:

Common Optional Extras

(Priced only when carried out with a service):

  1. Replace popup lamp  - £10.00
  2. Upgrade popup lamp to LED (Blue or White)  - £25.00
  3. Replace pitch trim - £25.00
  4. Replace Tonearm Clips - £10.00
  5. Upgrade to Technics OFC gold plated cable - £25.00
  6. De-Click mk2 pitch (remove ball bearing) - £10.00

Prices include fitting. 


Other parts/prices also available, please enquire.

Booking Details & Info: 

Please advise if there are any additional faults you want looking at when booking for a service. Do mention if a fault is intermittent, or develops after the turntable has been switched on for a while. 




If sending by courier, payment would be via bank transfer or paypal.


If bringing the turntables in person, payment can be made in cash. I currently do not accept credit/debit cards (although you can use paypal for this). You can also pay before collection via bank transfer or paypal.


In either case please note that turntables cannot be released until cleared payment has been received.




Usually within 2 to 4 days of receiving the turntables, either dropped off or sent by courier.

Same Day Service:

I can do a same day service by appointment. Often handy for those wishing to make a round trip here to visit Weymouth. I will need at least 6 to 7 hours to carry out servicing on a pair of turntables. Drop them off to me by 10am and they can be ready by 5pm. Or alternatively they can be collected next day etc if staying in accommodation. 

Sending via courier:


Click below for courier guide. Please make sure you read carefully :-

Courier Guide
Instructions on sending turntables via courier.
Adobe Acrobat document [225.8 KB]

Please do not send turntables until after you have contacted me to book them in. Turntables which arrive un-announced may be refused. No responsibility can be accepted for any losses.

The best way to send your turntables is in proper flightcases. Make sure the turntables are packed tightly (so the platter doesnt fall off, usually place sponge on top) and wrap brown tape around the case to seal the latches. Use a service like parcel2go.com and book using UPS as courier (they seem much more careful). Costs around £15 per turntable to send each way. Send each turntable as separate parcel. General details to book are:

Weight: 19kg

Service: 24 or 48 Hour


You will need to print off the label and attach to each parcel. Please make sure the cases are marked 'Fragile'. 


Once the turntables have been serviced, You would then arrange collection after payment. Email me the labels to print off. 

Note: You are responsible for sending and collecting turntables by courier. No responsibility can be accepted for damaged items.




How to book:

Contact me to book your Technics turntables in for a service, or message me through the Facebook Page

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