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Insurance Valuations 

Turntable insurance valuation reports

As original (discontinued) Technics SL series turntables are ever increasing in value due to their iconic status, I am abe to offer valuations and reports for insurance claims should the need arise. 

it is worth noting that many insurance companies are now asking for Technics SL1200/1210 turntables to be declared as individual valuable items due to their iconic status. 



Insurance valuation report details:


This would normally be carried out in the event of an insurance claim, eg where there has been accidental damage etc. This is priced at £100 for the first item, and £50 for each subsequent item. This will detail the value of the turntables, the damage caused, the estimated costs to repair the damage taking into account the high value due to some parts being discontinued.


An insurance report shall consist of more than one signed A4 sheet which will detail the value of the turntable prior to any damage caused, and the cost to repair with a full breakdown. Where the repair cost is greater than the initial value (prior to damage) the turntable may be written off at the discretion of the insurance company.



All documents shall be signed and shall include an official UK Engineering Council stamp.

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