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10:00 to 16:00 Mondays to Wednesdays (UK Time) by appointment.


(Sorry I am not available outside these times or on bank holidays)


Notice to companies offering products and services:- I am NOT interested in anything you wish to offer. Companies contacting me offering me products and services will be liable to a £300 administration charge for each email, phone call and SMS received. Sending such communication automatically means acceptance of these terms. 

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Servicing, Calibration & Repairs


Please take your time to scroll down and have a good read through all of the information. 

Fast turnaround (usually within a week) with the option of same day service by appointment.

Richard Talmage, LCGI  EngTech  TMIET

Fully qualified independent service engineer

Over 30 years experience.

What makes me the UK's Number 1 service for your turntables?


  • Fully qualified engineer registered with the UK Engineering Council and Institution of Engineering and Technology
  • Genuine parts included free of charge with every service (see promo poster below for Mk2, M3D and Mk5 models)
  • 12 month guarantee on servicing parts and labour
  • Fast turnaround with same day service option
  • Registered account access with Panasonic Spares and OEM's ensuring continuation of original parts (where practical).
  • Original parts available to purchase online for those who wish to repair their own turntables (see parts shop)
  • Largest UK stockist of discontinued original parts
  • Best value for money on servicing costs

As the only UK engineer who can provide all of the above, rest assured you have come to the best place for your turntables!


Click the image on the left to see the promotional poster. I am the only service here in the UK which can offer this!


Please note i do not install aftermarket audio cables. Whilst they may be ok for line level signals such as cd players, they very rarely have the correct core-screen capacitance needed for phono level signals. Even 'van damme instrument cable' can cause sound quality issues and muddiness. Only genuine cables are fitted to ensure best performance. Scroll down for more info.

Has your Technics turntables seen better days? Maybe you have caught onto the vinyl revival and want to get your decks working like they were new?


You have come to the right place. With over 30 years experience working as both an electrical and electronic engineer, rest assured that your turntables will be well looked after. Book your turntables in for a service, and enjoy being part of an ongoing culture which is making its way back into the music scene in a big way. 


Trashed - I mean really trashed? perhaps an ex-partner has thrown your Technics down the stairs snapping the tonearms, or they have been in a fire. Perhaps they have seen many parties outdoors, even got dropped in a river.... Dont worry, these are just some of the real scenarios I have dealt with, and have been able to repair turntables to working like-new condition. I have all the genuine parts in stock on the shelf ready to go.



Keeping your turntables in original condition :-


I carry thousands of genuine parts in stock to service your turntables so that they will be working like new. Keeping them original will ensure they have the best sound quality, performance and maintain the best resale value.



Original analogue models vs new digital pitch control:-


One of the main reasons people prefer to stick with the original models (mk2 onwards) is not only the far better build quality, but also the fact that they have a true analogue pitch controlled with a Voltage Controlled Oscillator, or 'VCO'  (With the exception of the Mk5G models) - This is why most DJs prefer the original models for their accuracy. Unlike digitally controlled oscillators (or DCO's) which can suffer from non-linearity and jitter issues, Analogue VCOs have an infinite amount of variables between the + and - 8% position. The downside is that over the years this can begin to drift, however a service and calibration will soon bring them back to working 'like new' and with a better feel and accuracy than their digital counterparts, even newly released models. Plus of course, Analogue pitch controls offer absolute zero latency which is important for those who like to 'ride' the pitch.

Some DJ tech riders are also beginning to specify original analogue pitch controls on the turntables supplied, so something worth watching out for especially if you work in events production. 



Read this first before considering purchasing new mk7 turntables:


Below is a document with my independent advice regarding the new Mk7 turntables, and why it is better in my professional opinion, to stick with your original models. A serviced original model will very likely outlast a brand new mk7.

A word of caution on the Mk7 turntables.
Important advice to consider before purchasing the new Mk7 models.
MK7 advice.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [240.9 KB]

Servicing Details:

I carry out a very thorough and efficient service which takes on average 2.5 hours per turntable, going far beyond the few minor tweaks as stated in the service manual. Also exclusive to me is that I actually replace the pitch sliders for brand new genuine parts on all models (included free of charge in the service price). This is becauses just cleaning them up is not sufficient for their continued performance, due to the slide shoe spring contacts becoming weak over time.


You may have seen discounted prices from competitors due to individuals not being authorised Panasonic parts dealers (and therefore not replacing certain parts), but rest assured by having new parts your turntables will be working like new for a long time. My direct contact with the original manufacturer overseas ensures continued supply even though they may be discontinued elsewhere. 

Click on the photo to see why its important to have the pitched replaced rather than just 'cleaned' when carrying out a service.


This shows the slide contact mechanism inside the pitch itself, and what happens after time (typically after 10 years of average DJ use)

Attention to detail :-


I do like to pay attention to detail when carrying out servicing. For many years I have been using premium quality solder when doing all my work. This lead based solder outlasts lead-free solder which most people use.

The solder which I use is far superior with 62% tin, 2% silver, 36% lead. As a registered professional engineer, I am exempt from certain environmental regulations therefore permitted to use lead based solder which will far outlasts the lead-free equivalent. The flux is halide-free, modified-rosin type, ideal for applications where long-term reliability is dependent on the corrosion potential of the flux, and the 2% silver also aids to stop organic corrosion. So this means all of the soldering and re-soldering I carry out on your turntables is designed to last many decades!


(and what you need to know):

The main motor drive and control ICs are the AN6675 and AN6680 types which are made specifically for these turntables. These have now been discontinued. Some problems occur where turntables have neither been serviced properly or not serviced at all, and can develop faults with the voltage regulator components (usually due to dry solder joints). This can in some cases have a knock-on effect causing voltage fluctuations to be present on these motor ICs which can cause them to ultimately fail (the ICs do not just fail on their own, it is always an external influence) - My attention to detail ensures that this is all checked over and the solder joints reflowed so this should never happen. 


However do not worry if you have a turntable where these ICs may have failed causing rotation problems (or no rotation at all). I have plenty of genuine ICs in stock so rest assured I will be able to get your turntables working with genuine parts.

These ICs are extremely difficult to obtain now, however with current stock levels I can still offer them on the parts shop for those who feel competent enough to carry out their own work.  


Keeping track of your serial numbers:


Because original Technics turntables are an iconic item, they are now very sought after and ever increasing in value. By having them professionally serviced by a qualified engineer you will increase their value even more. An invoice is issued stating the serial numbers for you to keep. 


With a direct dealership through Panasonic and original manufacturers, I carry a large stock of well over 10,000 parts for all 1200 and 1210 models mk2 to mk6. I can even obtain parts which may not be available anywhere online, such as the better SFDZ122N11-2 slide potentiometers for the mk2, which are much more DJ friendly than the commonly available SFDZ122N11-1 (hi-fi) types which can cause speed conflict when beatmatching. More info about these on the Tech Info page. 

Part of the servicing includes a load test under FLIR thermal imaging, which gives a great in-depth analysis of how main components are performing, showing up any defects which would otherwise affect performance. 


In this instance, the main regulator is within the 62°C operating limit. Click on the photo to see more detail 


Full servicing & calibration (including most small repairs) is priced at £150 per turntable. This includes free replacement pitch, audio and ground cables (all genuine parts). Where small repairs are needed the only addition would be parts cost if applicable. 


Please note that i will not carry out 'internal grounding' as it causes many problems (see tech info/faq section) despite some un-qualified technicians doing this. If your turntables have been internally grounded then this gets put back to original as part of the service for no extra cost. I absolutely refuse to let a turntable leave my workshop which is internally grounded. 

Regarding the pitch, I actually fit the brand new pitch part 'SFDZ122N11-2' to mk2 turntables which is the original spec. Beware of cheaper competitors who do not offer this, or falsely claim that it is not needed. This is only because not everyone is able to obtain this part and often fit an incorrect (substitute) pitch to these turntables causing other issues. Other models such as M3D, Mk5 etc also have their correct respective pitch fitted as these are also in stock.


Ownership of Mk2 pitch design: 

Please be careful with false claims from some well known websites which offer 'genuine' pitches for the mk2 as part of their service. This will not be true as I own the copyright and distribution for these, and they will very likely be supplying inferior/fake aftermarket parts.


The following UK Government link (click on illustration) proves I have owned the Mk2 pitch design SFDZ122N11-2 having acquired it since 2018:

Servicing - Whats involved:

Servicing includes (but is not limited to):

  1. Pre check & diagnosis of faults
  2. Strip down and removal of chassis parts/tonearm mount
  3. Clean & regrease height adjustment assembly
  4. Check tonearm antiskating mechanism
  5. Calibrate tonearm pivot bearings & lubricate*
  6. Replace audio cables & ground lead for new**
  7. Replace pitch slide potentiometer for new
  8. Calibrate pitch gain
  9. Check & service target lamp mechanical components
  10. Check condition of operation base (33/45/power)
  11. Scope test and calibration on pitch clock zero point
  12. Reflow solder joints on main PCB to avoid known issues
  13. Function & load test of main IC's under thermal imaging
  14. Check voltage regulator components
  15. Check and lubricate centre shaft
  16. Speed stability & torque test
  17. Calibrate brake adjust
  18. Replace pitch slide felt (if missing)
  19. Reassemble & clean turntable
  20. Carry out full operation load test

 *Note that some rattly tonearm pivots may be due to bearing damage and therefore cannot be adjusted. If this is the case then the tonearm will need replacing which will incur extra cost. 


** Mk2, M3D and Mk5 models only. M5G models includes pitch and ground cable only as already has better quality audio cable which is not prone to failure.

Optional Extras:

Common Optional Extras

(Priced only when carried out with a service):

  1. Replace popup lamp (original)  - £35.00
  2. Change popup lamp to LED (Blue or White)  - £35.00
  3. Replace pitch trim - £30.00
  4. Replace Tonearm Clips - £20.00
  5. Upgrade to Technics OFC gold plated cable - £35.00
  6. De-Click mk2 pitch (remove ball bearing) - £10.00

Prices include fitting (when carried out as part of a service) 


Other parts/prices also available, please enquire.


(Please note you are welcome to keep your old parts after servicing but you must mention this beforehand. Otherwise they get disposed of. It is not possible to recover disposed old parts after servicing). 

Booking Details & Info: 



The best way is to Contact me to book your Technics turntables in for a service, by using the contact form or email. 


Please state if there are any additional faults you want looking at when enquiring about a service. Do mention things like if a fault is intermittent, or develops after the turntable has been switched on for a while. 





If sending by courier, payment would be via bank transfer.


If bringing the turntables in person, payment can be made in cash. I currently do not accept credit/debit cards. You can also pay before collection via bank transfer. Note that if paying by bank transfer, you may need to pre-approve this with your bank (as new payee).


In either case please note that turntables cannot be released until cleared payment has been received. I do not accept cheques.





Servicing carries a 12 month limited parts and labour warranty from the date of invoice. Please see full terms and conditions below.



How to get your turntables to me :-

Same Day Service:

I can do a same day service by appointment. Often handy for those wishing to make a round trip here to visit Weymouth. I will need at least 6 to 7 hours to carry out servicing on a pair of turntables. Drop them off in person to me between 09:30 and 10:30, and they can be ready by 5pm. Or alternatively they can be collected next day etc if staying in accommodation. 


Please click on the following calendar link for up to date availability. Use the arrows to scroll through the months. (Note: This calendar relates to same day servicing appointments only, and does not affect turntables sent via courier).


Same day servicing calendar



Sending via courier:


You can send your turntables by courier which is relatively cheap by comparison. Please click below for courier guide making sure you read the relevent information carefully :-

Courier Guide
Instructions on sending turntables via courier.
Adobe Acrobat document [204.2 KB]


Usually within one week of receiving the turntables. Please note you must contact me first before bringing or sending turntables.


Turntable Shipping Boxes:

If you need boxes to send your turntables, then these can be purchased direct from Mastersounds, Click on the link below :-


Mastersounds SL Box


These are great quality and offer very good protection for your turntables.


Premium dedicated courier service options:


Aswell as the normal courier services listed on the courier guide (above) there is the option of using premium services where the turntables stay on the same vehicle from collection to delivery, and do not pass through delivery depots etc. 

Companies like or can provide a dedicated vehicle to collect from you and deliver to me the same or next day if you need a quicker and more thorough/safer service. Turnaround would be the same (usually within a week) and then you would book the return courier in the same way.  

Note: You are responsible for sending and collecting turntables by courier whichever method you choose. No responsibility can be accepted for damaged items.


Please do not send turntables until after you have contacted me by email to book them in. Turntables which arrive un-announced will be refused. No responsibility can be accepted for any losses.


A note about aftermarket modifications :-

Please note that when a request has been made to modify, e.g. fit different coloured LEDs (which are different to that of the original design). No responsibility can be accepted for any customisations/modifications in any way shape or form, and modifications outside the original specification are not covered by any warranty.


You agree to this especially if the colour of the LEDs seems a different shade than expected, or is brighter than expected etc. Normal parts & labour charges will apply if requested to change back to original specification. Please read the full T&C's below:

Servicing Terms & Conditions
Servicing Terms & Conditions
Servicing Terms.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [245.2 KB]
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